Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Questions Answered

Ooops! I have let the questions accumulate without answering for so long. Some have been overtaken by events. But here I answer the one batch. I will try answer all of them by the end of the month, with more answers this week. I may find myself still hanging around even after February to tie things up. I am not under pressure to quit so I am taking my time.

Here are some questions and answers I have given today.

Hi Sue,i have a question. A few months ago I got drunk and passed by KStreet and ended up picking a lady on my way home, I have never done that before. We went to a place called forest lodge which she told me is the most popular place for those kinds of things. I told her I did not want to have sex all I wanted was to see her naked and maybe touch her pussy a bit. So she got undressed and we started anyway one thing led to another and before I knew it we were having unprotected sex I even came in her. Is this normal? Do the ladies on on K street do this? I really regret it I have even quit drinking. I got tested and im okay thank God. But please tell me why she would agree to this? The sex however was very good. - Stupid

As unfortunate as this is, its also funny. The Ad says you should always have a pack of Trust in your pocket because you never know when the may strike. I can't speak for the girl. Different girls have different motivations.  In the times I have had unprotected sex  I was caught up in the moment and regretted it. Maybe it was the same with the girl. Or maybe she had nothing to lose. You certain you are okay?

 So, how much do you charge to have fully sex? e.g have sex? give a blowjob?? and how big are your boobs? can you like google boobs images and (turn the safe search off), and find the ones that are close to yours and post them on here? lets see ur level of sexiness, please? - Rahaq

Like I said before the charges depends on my impression of the man. Its an instinct thing. For instance I always find myself overcharging men who treat me well. Maybe its taking advantage, or assuming they
will understand dynamics of price and risk. Self assured men have no much fuss. You mention a figure and they go with it. I even  don't need to mention a price to some, they simply know how to treat a girl well, and will pay accordingly.

You are so smart, dont you regret wasting your parents money to go to college and then not do anything with that degree? - Mario
I hesitate to call myself smart. Some things have done show otherwise. That said I wouldn't say I wasted my parent's money. I find myself using so much of my education. Comparing myself to my colleagues who have say five years of schooling I think I am happier.  And who is it that said education is learning to turn stone to bread?

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  1. Dear Sue! Please reconsider your decision to quit. I am an avid reader of your blog and would buy any e-book you come out with. You could turn the blog into a medium to sell your e-books or get advert income. Even though I was badly disappointed by your stealing tendencies, I still immensely admire.

  2. Sue, still waiting for episode 69. Keep them coming dear.

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