Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Episode 49: My Retirement Plan

Now that I plan to quit the Street in the next six months or so, I am thinking of a retirement plan. The ideal retirement plan for most girls here is to hit a jackpot and live happily ever after. The jackpot could be through marriage to a rich white man or pinching a substantial amount of money from a local. The Street is full of legends of girls who retired that way. Yet that rarely happens nowadays. The white men, I think, have  professional, decent girls to chose from. It seems more than ever before many Nairobi girls are willing to throw themselves at the feet of white men. I see it always when occasionally I pass through Westlands at night or while in a cyber  and a girl has opened Love Find Me. On the other hand its long since I heard of a girl who had stolen more than 20,000 shillings from a man, bet over time  the local men have learned not to carry more than a few thousand shillings when hitting the Street.

I am not planning to quit as a result of a moral conversion or having identified something better to do. Simply I am avoiding reaching the point of diminishing returns. In our trade supply outstrips demand by a factor of almost three. The girls are much more than the men. The men who come to the Street are somehow a constant; their numbers and identities don't change much. It's the same men who started coming here five years ago who still come. Those coming to the Street for the first time increase at a less proportionate rate to the girls, and also to the men leaving. There will be nights where every car coming to the Street will be familiar. And weeks where I sleep with the same usual men who know how much I charge and my point of faking orgasm.

 By the time a girl hits three years on the Street the men know her. However good one is there gets a point where one stops being the first choice of a man. At that point a man will pick a  3 years plus girl  because he has come late when the fresh girls are gone, for old times sake or when too drunk to recognize her. It is more or less like what happens in marriage after a few years.

When a girl is no longer the first choice of any of the men anger and hatred starts building inside. She insults men who leave her behind, and the girls who go with them. She drinks a lot and start developing a cold aged look, which makes her less attractive. I have seen it with many girls here. Of course there are exceptions, girls who maintain their shine even after practicing for three years and more. But such are few, and many of  those who outwardly look beautiful are ugly inside. I know myself and I don't expect to be among the exceptions.

Marriage has never been part of my plan and pinching a good amount of cash a long shot. So my retirement plan has me thinking of doing something with almost similar traits as what I do now; the adrenaline rush, some creativity, independence and the lack of formality and commitment . Sometimes I think I am lazy . See I want to do things at my own pace and to my own satisfaction, which is adjusted every time failure requests. I don't want to be appraised and set goals by others. Anyway I digress. So one of these things with similar traits  is what made me enroll for a certain course. The course that has made me miss in action for the last two and a half weeks; reading and writing exams.

My next occupation is just one of the challenges of retirement. How to fill the emotional and physical gap left after quitting is another thing. I am not talking about lurvy durvy emotions, but the simple emotions that come as a result of connecting with people who really matter to you. The happiness that I feel when talking of my escapades with colleagues, or the temporary comfort I get when I sleep on the chest of a nice client. Such emotional connections take time to build, and when out there I am not sure I will be able to connect with other people, and if I do, it may take long by which time I will have been labeled a snob, freak, recluse or any such words that describe those with emotional oddities. Yet I am not so much worried about the emotions for all said and done I will have a great relationship with my local barman.

I have previously said  that I don't care much for sex, especially the fun part of it. But that does not mean I do not have urges. I do. My clients whether good or bad help satisfy my sex urges, and I feel naturally whole again. So what will I do about sex when out of the Street? A relationship for me is out of question. I will fail. It will be difficult  for me to commit and not cheat.  A tit for tat for me because  after what I have seen so far on the Street I will always be convinced my man is not cheating. Although I wont tell any man about my past, some of the habits I have acquired from the Street might live with me forever, and when they pop certainly create tensions between me and my partner. For instance in moments of frustration and drunkenness  I use rough filthy words which no man would be pleased to hear his girl use.

There is also the option of going for one night stands. But these will be almost the same thing as what I do presently.  I wont enjoy them as much. I know these days a girl  can pay a man to have sex with her, like I once did. Yet this snatches a key component of sex; the testosterone part; knowing I am having sex with a real man. A man who agrees to be paid to have sex, rather than fight for it,  may not have enough testosterone in him.

Yeah I can't forget the toys. I have couple of those, but like a friend said everybody sometimes craves for 3D sex, where you hold and kiss each other during the act. A sex mate is the best option. But men have presently become very poor in bed, and to find a good one I will have to road test several ,something I am not very enthusiastic about. I can only wait and see ,but I am sure to get a solution for this little problem

When a girl joins the Street she soon hears of the legends and experiences of other who have been in the trade before. Some of the experiences sound exciting,others generate curiosity, while others feel like a must do . Like there are so many positive and negative stories about the white men who pick girls here, and every girl wants to experience it. I have slept with several of these. There are also things said about men from a certain tribe, and only when a girl spends the night with such does she feel  not missing out. There were days I wanted to know how it feels to drug and steal rom a man, something I have done. I also wanted to see viagra in action where its rightfully needed, with a man past 75, and I got to see it when I slept with a 78 year old man. The things to do are many,and some can only be done when one is in this trade because the opportunity and attitude are right and present.

Recently I have heard about the Great Lakes Civilization. Its the great art of love making by the men from the Great Lakes region; Burundi, Rwanda and the others. Apparently the name Great Lakes is a result of the small lakes the men from the region are able to create down there in women bodies. So I have to sleep with a man from the Great Lakes within the next six months or I might never have another chance to experience the civilization without any inhibitions. And here, for reasons I might mention later, I exclude the Congolese men based in Kenya.

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  1. In the game of life, Quit while you're ahead. I'm liking your thinking

  2. Eyes 4 exit r always there
    as an aftermath
    u hv inceptions of humanity
    u cn nt live no more
    bt in denial and regrets.
    Dnt choose.

  3. What would be the result if you find someone who appreciates you the way you are? You seem to put lots of obstacles beforehand. Cross the bridge when you get there my dear. Life has many faces.Don't take the street to the afterlife. Me siku advice, nakusho vile kuko. Baby steps...

  4. lol @ Great Lakes. Why assume that no man would like a woman who swears at times ?

  5. Am quitting the blog..Nay, retiring instead. For the past one month, postings have been far between. And have lost count on the number of reloading this page, hoping for a word from you. I wish there was an agreement, to post every friday at eight in the morning. Think about it in your next life. ....adaptable or whatever it will be.

    A retirement plan is imminent.

  6. I love u sue i think u are the perfect package of fun psycho.

    He he he ati great lakes civilisation! Men performance has deteriorated more like women have become more demanding!

  7. Sue, interesting that your now considering retirement. So what specifically are you planning on doing? It seems however that your rather undecided about what to do with your life... Not long ago you were moving to Malindi.. What became of those plans. Now you are suddenly retiring!? Ama is that just a way to Kill the blog, in which case it will fuel the suspicion that you are not who you say you are and the resevoir of stories is going dry. Hence an exit strategy.

  8. More like making adjustment to your working schedule hehehe...once one, ever one

  9. on sex with the 'great lake civilization' men please put Kunyaza on your menu.

  10. Yes you are lazy Sue. You actually are lazy....!..he..he. But you've got the smarts. You are fine!

  11. kunyaza!wats that up there?

  12. love the part wher u say:"there were days when i wanted to know how it feels to drug and steal from a man" ur turning me on!

  13. "But men have presently become very poor in bed" I couldn't agree more,oh wait!! bfr i shoot myself in my foot,i think...maybe the older you grow as a woman the more you know exactly what you want sexually,and thus the above sentiment.I am 36yrs old single and for the last 4 yrs i haven't found a sexually satisfying man,okay apart from a certain one from land yonder(Malawi) who I cant even try and compare with my past and present!His was an ART!

  14. You're a bit funny and, if I may say so, a tad racist.

    What exactly are you telling us when you write:

    "The jackpot could be through marriage to a rich white man or pinching a substantial amount of money from a local."

    That we "local" men are all bad and we're only good for being robbed?

    Sue, we're not ALL bad.

  15. hey please your post r no longer intresting as wen you started, you always leave the juicy staff out, we need to know more about wat happens wen wen you take a man to bed : the details thats wat is intresting; like men from the great lakes region we need to know how the make the lakes in the women etc. this days the blog is more plain. please spice it up en gives the juicy parts en stories.

  16. I realy loved reading this episode! Ati ur avoiding reaching pt of diminishing returns! too funy

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. There's always a need for us to plan our retirement. We can't be on the service forever. That's why it's a good idea to plan everything before you retire.

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