Monday, July 25, 2011

Episode 38: Leaving To Chase Italians

Every week or so there is a girl leaving the Street never to come back. Sometimes a girl may experience some boredom and decide to take a break for a week, but the break ends up lasting forever. At other times a girl may hit a jackpot. For instance, either by fair or rough play, she hooks a “real rich honey” who helps her leap to a different social level. There are also girls who shift locations in search of greener pastures. A girl moving upward from the Street heads to an up market brothel or any of the emerging places within the lush estates which are accommodative to our trade. The latter is always a higher probability than the former because many of the up market brothels owners think a girl from the Street is stale, and not cultured enough to discreetly handle high net worth enough individuals. It’s not necessarily that such owners ask for a girl’s experience, but somehow they are able to tell  where a girl comes from even if she claims to be just out of college. One would think that there is a Street Mark engraved in our faces, but no, the tell tale signs are the distinct mannerisms which we acquire while here. These range from the vocabulary we use unconsciously to the way we pronounce “honey” even when we literally mean what is spread on bread.

The thing with coming and leaving the Street is that there are no ceremonies involved.. Perhaps if leaving the Street was something planned, there would be farewell parties; how such parties would look like can only be left to the imagination of the part of the brain that deals with insecurities and not the erotic section. But then, as I may have mentioned, leaving is not something to plan about; it just happens, more like accidental death. Of course if you are the concerned kind of john you will doubt me, because you may have heard the classical line “I plan to quit next month". This, for your information, is as rhetorical as saying “I am fine" in answer to “How are you?"

For me the most interesting part of leaving is when I meet a girl who has disappeared. It’s always a very pretentious situation. The conversations with the girls I have met always start with the girl trying to be indirectly dismissive of me. So she will say something in the lines of “So you are still chasing men". There is no way to put this sentence English and still retain its punch; a veiled rudeness said in a “Who in her right mind is still on the Street?” tone.

That aside from August and for the next three months is the period relatively more girls disappear or rather migrate. Its the tourist season and the time some of us go try their luck at the coast. So many stories circulate here about what happens there, but the most prominent and the ones often repeated have to do with hitting a jackpot. Almost all girls who migrate to the beaches never come back to the Street. Not necessarily because they have hit it, but I think its more out of  the shame of failure.

This year I plan to also go down to Malindi and hopefully have the Italians chase me. I have never done the tourist circuit and its one thing I believe I should do before I call it a day. It would be too much for me to expect me a jackpot so I will lower my expectations and say I am just going for the experience. One thing I am sure to do is come back to the Street whether I hit a jackpot or not.


  1. wat apend 2 da story of a lady client,i rly wanna read t sue!plz finish t 4 me plz?

  2. Aha! Anticipation n' Travel... It's even brought back some humor to your writing

    '...the way we pronounce “honey” even when we literally mean what is spread on bread.'

    Whatever you do, be sure to let us know how white d!kc differs from black d!kc... n' no I don't mean literary, rather in mannerism.

  3. karibu malindi, italians are already here

  4. Good luck! I have been there and seen the parade at the coast, and I dont think men can really differentiate that well who is 'cultured' and who is not. Screwing someone 'exotic' is the main objective for those of us who go hunting there. And exotic means different things to different men: for a new white fella, it could be a naive African girl with no idea how to give good head but is obedient and ready to learn; for a seasoned monger it could be just to get as many fucks as possible from (different) professionals; for a Kenyan hunter, it could be getting (one) cheap young college girl for the week or two that he is on holiday; and for an elderly white retiree, it could be some ass licking ego massaging (young) black african girl, looks not kadhalika

    All said and done, you going to have grt f*kin fun!

  5. your posts are kinda boring these days, I'll like to see you write about experiences on the street rather than of dreams about sugar daddy's

  6. true your postings are kinda boring of late but atleast this one was a breather from tthe whining lot you have been writing.

  7. LOL! everyone is a critic. ..Lenga the haters....Just do you and write what you care to write is YOUR blog everyone is a guest here...washenzi!!!!

  8. sue, it's been a while, so on your voyage to malindi, i'm guessing i'm soon to unconsciously see you on worldwidewhore(s).com or .org, where white guys visit the 5 notorious places around the world to prostitute(sadly kenya is one of the 5). so you're soon to be a disgraced statistic. sad!

  9. thot you are going to malindi....

  10. All the best Sue. I know you will make some good chums there Coz the Jungus love intelligent gals like u but prepare your ass to be widened : am told all of them must go behind there and ofcourse being sucked sana. Keep us posted.

  11. Good luck in malindiGood luck in malindi

  12. Malindi dear, really? Those Italians think they are all that and a bag of shit. Most of them are racists. I hope you hit the jackpot though!

  13. you may get sodomised, engaged in bestiality, shit on,made to eat shit, or all of the Malindi


  14. Sue,
    We might not identify your true image, but after you go to Malindi chances are that your photos might surface somewhere on the web. dont wonder when they were taken.

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