Friday, January 20, 2012

Episode 57: January Mind Games

The stereotype of a Street prostitute is that of a birdbrain, a girl dull enough all she could think of to earn a living was  open her legs and lower herself to the bottom of society. Over time I have learnt there are few advantages of trying to prove otherwise to those clients who still stick with the stereotype; to show I have more thoughts, and not only of the vulgar, thieving kind. 

So most of the time I go with the flow, displaying some ignorance and avoiding any of the so called serious talk. But sometimes I want to tease a man a little bit. To get to his nerves, or remind him he is not the only one who knows. Sometimes though it's strategy, playing mental games with a mentally weaker but financially  endowed man, so that his ego is crushed and he tries to make up for it in a way that will benefit me.

Not long ago a man who looked in his early 30s picked me. Once in his car he muttered "Hey" which he quickly changes to "Sasa", supposedly a greeting in the language I could understand and comfortably communicate in.  " I am good" I replied, and not the "Poa" he expected me to say. He didn't seem surprised, after all every street girl knows some few English words. "Kumekauka sana"? ( Aren't things tough?)  he asked . He was now acting savior and wanted me to acknowledge the big favor he had done by picking me .

" Kiasi but things are brightening up" .  I said. The last phrase caught him off guard. He expected an answer in some street Swahili, in addition to acting the damsel in distress like girls on the Street sometimes cleverly do.
He sneered then stared at my thighs. I knew I was skimpy but no sexy. Looking a little stylish but wearing cheap. He smiled. " A wannabe" he must have said to himself.

We hit one of the roads recently constructed by the Chinese. It was slightly past 1am,  the road  empty. He accelerated to about 100 km/hr then slowed down abruptly to 30 km/hr or so. " Hawa wa Chinese kweli wanafanya kazi" ( These chinese are really working) he said.  Its the common ice breaking phrase in the city. I grunted in acknowledgment.

"Ukiwa naa gari kama hii ndio una appreciate better" ( When you are
driving a car like this you appreciate better ). His was a Toyota Avensis or one of those new big Toyota models.  I decided to up the game by ignoring some of what he had said and gently go beyond the pedestrian.

" Why do people seem to trust the quality of Chinese roads but not
most of the other products? " I asked in English.

" You cant appreciate a good road unless you own a car" he said. He was right that I  don't own a car but wrong assuming I will never own one. Owning a car is one of my distant dreams. But that was besides the point, he had subdued my kimbelembele, and he loved it.

" FYI China is the next super power" .  I grunted  because I didn't
have a clever quip to reply to that . After some seconds I remembered
something. Something I had heard on BBC, the station I prefer listening to because most of the local stations will in one way or another end up reminding me of my work . And I don't want to be reminded so much of it.

"Isn't interesting the Chinese don't seem interested in  pushing for the
dominance of the  Yuan like they are pushing everything else?" I asked
a little curt .

" It doesn't matter" he said and accelerated once more. I was not sure my question made sense, but it didn't  matter, I had gotten him  and now wanted want to yap more. 

" I think it does. Anyway what role do you think the euro crisis had in the battering the shilling got last year? "  I asked. Another sweet collage of a question  from BBC snippets. His face tightened and he accelerated more .

" If you know so much about the economy why don't you become the minister for finance?" he said " Instead of parading your ass in the cold!"  I laughed out loud. I had got him where I wanted. I didn't want  to push him so hard lest he dropped me or something. I rested my hand on his fly.

In the room he was rough. He twisted and pressed me hard. His ego was
hurt and that was his way of subduing me, of  redeeming it. I didn't
struggle and looked physically and mentally humbled. He loved it But there was one final thing, just to be sure. He paid me an extra Ksh.500. I thought that was his way of saying "It doesn't matter what you think you know or pretend to. You are still a prostitute and I have more money and respect than you do. That's what matters."

I didn't care. The money is what mattered to me.

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  1. *high five*
    put them in their place when they try to put you down.

  2. am sure he was humbled by your knowledge on current international issues. Sorry that he could only "revenge" at pale pale

  3. Sue, please write more often, I like your stories. Keep up the good work.

  4. the relationship between working girls and their clients is a curious one through and through while clients feel the women are not worth their respect they just can't do without them and while the men complement exchange it seem girls themselves can't resist treating the men with distrust and low opinion just as much. the man says; surely this is low why do you do it even as he picks her and she thinks; why does he use prostitutes he has some ego issues even as she is picked!

  5. Have a peek at my upskirt as the wind whirls around
    Can u tell whether am bila thong?

  6. Can someone explain to me why this brilliant mind ended up into prostitution? Only a comprehensive analysis of her upbringing, family history, school experience, pattern of socialization and indeed psychiatric study could shed some light to such incomprehensible phenomenon. I once met on the street another brilliant university graduate but she quit trade immediately she landed a job.

  7. Hey sue,its a man thing,they all feel they should be superior to women n if that isnt the case they use sex to show they power...and if your making extra cash on that,jokes on them!

  8. Oh Sue, you're BACK! it's writing like this that get's me hooked! keep it up!

  9. Most rich fellas care less for mind games...and again, it is hard to play mind games on a fella who just found you in a cold street, wearing a skimpy dress and picked you. You may think you are playing a mind game, the fella goes in and out without realising there is a mind game going on...

  10. My very wet panties


  12. I would love to meet you and have a coffee together.

  13. vitukali is a spammer, toa virus zako kwa net mjinga wewe

  14. middle aged in copenhagenJanuary 24, 2012 at 7:28 PM

    Hi sue, why are you back? In this game, you need to quit while you are still ahead, like a gambler. One of these days, you are going to wake up at 45yrs and think back in retrospect to your recklessy lived youth. One of these days you are going to wake up worn out and wrinkled from drinking, smoking and wearing too much make up for the job. One of these days, you will be blase and hardened by the life you have chosen. I know that being a prostitute and writing about it makes you feel like some heroine in a class B movie. The reality is different. Get out now, while you still have your sanity,as these are your best years, and yet you are throwing them away for just 1500(do you really call that money?) and wasting your writing gift on glamourising prostituition. If anyone knows how a prostititute feels and thinks, I do because I once walked that awful road. The people who read this blog keep urging you on , to write about it, but they go home to their wives and children, and have normal lives. They will never experience the repercussions you will have. The truth should be told.

    1. Well said my friend

    2. Middle aged in Copenhague wrote a great piece of advice. But can Sue hear? Sue is set on an unstoppable self-destruction course, the same way no one could have stopped Frenchman Dominique Straus Khan from ruining his life by his insatiable sex addition. Neither his function (IMF MD) , nor his career (next French President), his family nor his millionnaire wife who ironically ended up footing the cheques to pay for all his madness.

    3. Powerful read! You should aslo start a blog as you sound highly educated, articulate and knowledgeable like Sue.

  15. sue, if u dont hear that advice n sort urself, ur sick, dont waste time seekin help. Do wot ur mum ud wish u did or at the least heed this former hustlers call...u already look lk a sow in a nightcap n soon ghostly

  16. To all you haters starting with middle aged in copenhagen
    let the gal be its her life


  17. I wonder about you , sue. Are you tht smart or or you really a pro. Anyway, why don't you upgrade your self to a corporate slut, you know the type who sleep their way to the top. With your brains, you should figure out how to work smart instead of hard. Since yu are of high IQ., you ought to find a job in a place where you would use your body to earn serius money. You keep saying you are in it for the money, but surely, a woman like you earning 1500 shs for a pop doesn't make sense. Thats why I wonder about you, are you really a hooker, or just a fiction writer ? why I wonder about you, dosent make much sense. As for middle aged in copenhagen, yu sound intriguing as well. Why not start a blog about sad old women who lived wrong/

  18. Sue you have kept all of us entertained for a year. You bring the "s" in sexy

  19. No that's my Sue, i wish i could help you publish, you have a way with words, this has to be my favourite one so far, not coz it made my balls jingle,but it managed to capture my genuine reading Interest. In a writer-ish kinda way.

  20. Ha ha ha awesomely done

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