Friday, January 27, 2012

Episode 58: Goodbye Guilt

I bet I am starting to sound like a broken record; once more I talk of quitting.  This has nothing to do with the many emails and comments I have been receiving to the effect of late. Those I will respond to later.

 Sometime ago in a moment of personal resolution I  promised myself that if I ever stopped feeling guilty about the evil acts I commit during my work then it would be time to quit.  Of course when I talk of evil I don't mean having sex, that is good, but that other 'bad’ things beyond sex, like stealing from clients.

I have always thought myself not fully gone into the depth of sin because I still felt guilty after stealing. After all its things like guilt that separate human beings from animals. Or is it? In those relatively few times I have stolen from men, I have ended up remorseful despite my justification for the act.

My justification for stealing had always been diverse. Sometimes I made it look like a class war; you know the upright beings and us the wrongly condemned . Other times I told myself I was participating in the gender wars. What's wrong with punishing a man who is cheating and probably making his family suffer? There were also those men I felt were mean, and what I was getting was my rightful fee.  However deep down inside me I knew I was lying to myself. There was no reason for my greed as shown by my thieving ways.  In the end I just felt terrible.

Different girls have varied strategies and guts for stealing. For me depending on the conditions the best time to lift anything from a sober man is before the sex. When his reasoning is made fuzzy by exposed thighs, kinky talk and anticipation. The foreplay offers such a good opportunity to set up a heist, if stealing a wallet maybe made that grand.

Picking during sex has never been appropriate unless there is an extra girl or the man is a bit tipsy and not fully undressed. The latter was common at the SJ. Stealing from a sober man after sex is quite tricky. For in that immediate moment after sex many men seem as if they have woken up from a dream. Some become extra alert, reach for their trousers, quickly dress then leave. But a few will make just a small careless mistake.

This week a man picked me and drove to lodging in Parklands made notorious by its conducive conditions for spiking and stealing.  The client was a reserved but polite man probably in his late twenties. We had some okay sex, which by his facial expression and sounds I couldn't tell whether he had enjoyed. He paid me Ksh.2000. We dressed up and he stepped to the toilet, leaving his phone on the bed. Within seconds it
was in a compartment in my handbag, and I was out of the place.   This was the first time I had stolen a phone; A Nokia X something which fetched me  a mere Ksh.2,500 on the Street. . I felt nothing about it,
and still do. It might be time to quit or perfect my skills.

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  1. Sue!No matter how I admire your brilliant intellect, wit, psycoanalysis of the male animal, humour and riveting posts, stealing is morally wrong! Please stop glamourizing it! It might have looked entertainment to us before, now it's getting criminal full stop! Better heed the advice from the middle aged from Copenhagen before it's too late. If not, one of these days you will end up in jail or worse!

    1. The middleaged from Copenhagen was very thoughtful for Sue I hope she will listen and get out of streets. I feel sad for her how can talented young woman get hooked by streets. I wish to meet her and change her life for good

  2. Sue you didn't have to, a mlika mwizi of all things!.

  3. Sue,acha wizi thats just wrong.A pal of mine got his phone,dvd player,wallet and laptop stolen by a prostitute who even drugged him and he is fighting for his life in the hospital.Am all for doing whatever to get that cash but stealing and drugging people has no justification even if they are stupid a***s who bring prostitutes to their houses,did i write this was in a sh**ty small town called Bungoma?

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  5. On this note, whomever has Sue's ebook, please upload it to rapidshare and give us the link to download. I believe, One good turn deserves another, ama?


    1. Don't be a cheap skate. The book is KES 100.

    2. After she's bragged stealing a guy's phone? Even KES 5 I wouldn't give. I will get this book and I will distribute it widely for free. Watch this space.



  7. Since you are a hoe,we can't expect you to behave like a morally upright person.

    When you still a phone just remove the sim card and leave it and if its a wallet just take the money and leave everything else since things like IDs and atm cards wont help you.LOL

    And never ever drug a man.Thats murder and you might find you ass in jail.

  8. you are now a fully fledged criminal. YOU SUCK


  10. Forget Sue promising writing career, e-books...! What sane publisher would like to be associated with a self-proclaimed thief prying on drunk or drugged dudes? Except if the next e-book is entitled: "Memoirs from Prison" by a former Nairobi prostute who wanted to build a brand and who ended in maximum prison for stealing from unsuspecting clients.

  11. I feel so bad for the dude. After paying all that cash for something i get for free everyday then you lose your phone and contacts! Must have been a crappy day for him.

  12. middle aged in copenhagenJanuary 30, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    Hi sue, its me again, that voice of conscience that you know is telling the truth but you do not want to listen to. So you are now stealing, eh? keep at it and one of these days you will walk out of a hotel room without your teeth. One of these days you will be stabbed in your vagina. One of these days you will be sliced with a razor blade on your pretty little cheeks. These are the stories we used to hear back in the day, when I walked the mean old streets. You see, Sue, men do not consider a prostitute as anything. You are nothing to them. You are worse than a sewer rat as far as they are concerned. Actually, you are nothing more than a hole into which they pour out their excess semen because they have nowhere else to take it, yet it has to leave their bodies, like shit. So when you steal, they'll fix you properly, and nobody will give a damn. I remember on girl who was put out of action permanently for pulling those moves. She was dumped at kenyatta hospital and the nurses just said, "wachana na huyu, ni wale malaya wana iba". This is from an old timer who once walked in your shoes. Get out now.

    1. Dear Middle Aged from Copenhagen. Sue just announced she will be quitting this coming month. I guess it's thanks to you. You are the only one that Sue could listen to given you experience in the trade. And now you come with such knock-out argument why she must quit.Great read! As one had already advised you, should start your own blog.

    2. I don't agree with middle aged. Some men do respect prostitutes and treat them nicely. A prostitute once said that she gets more love from clients than a husband would give her. Contrary to conventionnal wisdom not all men are dogs. Gentlemen do exist too. I am sure even middle aged has met some good men in her sad career. Sue wrote about the relationship client-prostitute in her e-book and it came out as not that horrible as you state. Thanks for your valuable insight so that we see the other side of the coin.

  13. Some of the common stereotypes about prostitutes is that they are diseased scum and have just proven its a fact!

  14. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Why are a prostitute's sins worse than others? Some here have done worse things. I wont judge her. I love you Sue and bought your book a few minutes ago. All the best wherever you go.

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