Monday, January 30, 2012

Episode 59: I Can See The End

This is one of my last posts. I will be wrapping the blog sometime in February. Well , I have decided to leave the Street in the coming month. I have become a little weary, and as much as I try to convince
myself otherwise I have reached my peak and can only start going down. There are no quitting ceremonies. For the next two weeks or less I will continue going to work then one day fail to turn up. I stay for a week a month and more. The girls will start spreading rumors of what could probably have happened to me, and quickly I will be forgotten, after all I am not among the most charismatic on the Street. And while my name is being erased from the Street so will it be deleted from your brains. As I fade from your memories I will be struggling with myself not to succumb to the devilish but exciting lure of the Street.

I am not sure what happens next. How I earn my living and all. I might take a long break out of the city, repackage myself and come back to explore other things. Age is catching up with me and its time I tried
to live more of my dreams. Well forget the brand building. I am not going to a higher level in the sex industry, despite my having enough of the right contacts, experience and Street brain to become a big time pimp.

 On the other hand I am not quitting on moral grounds. I am not going to spend the rest of my life saying my years on the Street were wasted. Or trying to 'reform' anyone. I am quitting more out of fatigue and the need to change direction, or like they say in corporate speak "to pursue other interests." 

I once toyed with the idea of stopping writing the blog without giving the readers notice, but then that wold be a bit rude. So I will make some few posts within the next month, and when the last of the last comes declare so. I think it will come very very soon.

There is so much I could write about from my experiences, there are posts here which have epilogues, and maybe which could sound better with more vivid descriptions etc . Perhaps one day when I have the
will and resources, I will write up a proper book. Ideally that would have been the best way to wrap this but then the ideal more often than not eludes me.  The blog will remain here. And maybe once in a while I will pass by to document any interesting development related to my struggle to shake off the Street.  But I doubt there will be anything interesting.

There are so many loose ends related to the blog and my interaction with it, and those I hope to tie up in the next few weeks if not days. Tomorrow I answer questions I have been asked through the Ask Me section. Wow! The end is nigh and the countdown has begun. There is no turning back now.

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  1. please don't stop blogging, quit the streets but dont stop blogging.

  2. Finally, age caught up with you. I am sure you gonna be relevant else where. what of using your contacts for other things that are more moral ..."whats more more"

    All the best

  3. middle aged in copenhagenJanuary 30, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    Thats a good idea, sue. Be sure to get some coun selling because the call of the wild never quite goes away. It will come back when you least expect it. You will be tempted to dive back whn you are broke, or when desparate. You are talking with such a great sense of bravado about how you will not look back at your years in the streets as wasted years. You are quite naive for a prostitute.

  4. Sue you don't have to quit but up the game. Not that what you do is that bad or evil. Hey middle aged you sound very patronizing. You must be very sad and frustrated. How did you end up in Copenhagen if not by one of your clients? Sue don't live in regret.

  5. Please don't quit the blog. We enjoy it and always look forward to the next post, hence our agony when you go off the radar for several weeks. You can turn the blog into something else: writing about your adjustment to straight life as opposed to street life, your challenges, lapses, triumphs, setbacks, social encounters, love, friendships, etc. The street you can quit but not the blog. I sense you don't know what you want. A couple of posts back you came trumpeting that you are back with a bang and no apologies or empty excuses. Now you tell us you are done with the street. Like an alcoholic or a chain smoker you swear you won't do it again but we are all weaklings.Your hesisations are but only human. If you quit please write a book on why you became a prostitute and sell it to us your avid readers. Another reason to keep the blog,if you write a book we will be buying it from the blog.

  6. Yeah right! We have read this before,once a prostitute,always a prostitute,this aint no julia roberts pretty woman!

    1. This woman has character - of course it takes someone with character to see as much. She is more than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...and much more depth than a simple mind like yours can wrap itself around

  7. middle aged in copenhagenJanuary 30, 2012 at 7:24 PM

    Listen anonymous, you are telling sue to continue in her tragic way of life so that you may continue dragging her down, what will you do, marry her, or will you give her a new lease of life. That the problem with us kenyans, we lead each other down all the time. I am the only voice of reason that speaks the truth. You may call me patronising, but am only telling it like it is. Sad and frustrated? heck no, I would be though, had I not quit when I did. Its true I ended up in denmark, courtesy of a former client, but tht was years later after I had quit the game. Sue, am going to tell you something for nothing, there is no such thing as a free lunch. You will regret your days as a hooker. You will feel used, misused and abused... and we all do. What makes you think you won't? are you made of steel or somthing?Deep down yu are a woman, created to love and be loved in return, not to be a semen loo.

    1. Wonderful middled aged! You talk like a book! Another great blogger is born. Like you, Kenyans will never cease to amaze me. Who could have thought that after 2007/2008 wanton killings, Kenyans would fall back to politics of hate under the cover of prayer rallies! Yet Justice Ekaterina had warned against incitement. Once again, the poor will be hacked to death and have their property destroyed while the enticing rich carry on enjoying their posh life in comfortable mansions that are never destroyed.

  8. It's been a pleasure having learnt alot about nairobi's underbelly from you!

    I have passed on the link to your blog to as many people as possible. And some have enjoyed it more than me.

  9. Ah! Sue ...just follow your heart. If your heart says this is curtain call for your blog and life on the streets then so be it. A friend of mine says her only resolution this year is to be happy should do the same - seek happiness...whether or not you do find it is beside the point...the point is seek it.

    I have just finished reading your book you are a most talented person I am sure you will succeed in whatever you put your mind to.

    Keep in touch - I am your friend on G+ ...and all the best in whatever you undertake.

  10. I sent money for the e-book and havnt receivd it!send it chap chap..

  11. Sue's downward spiral will you survive when u got no plan....there is no way'll probably go downtown and become a 200 Bob ho.

  12. I cannot believe my bad luck,just discovered this blog and you say the game is up.i am totally impressed and will definately enjoy the older posts.Please reconsider

  13. I think you called to an end to your writing skills. There is nothing as bad as someone like you trying to fit in the "classical" writing style. Sue you are stating to mutate and this will be the end of this Blog, and maybe you should consider writing newspaper articles. what a waste of talent and ideas.

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