Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Episode 14 (Part 1) : Why I Chose The Street

At some point, early in my career, I was naive enough to think a good education would give one an edge in the trade. I was partly thinking of myself and of a lady I had met at the Sabina Joy; where I practiced for a short time (no pun intended). For those not in the know the Sabina, also known as Karumaindo, is perhaps the oldest and well known bar cum brothel in the country; It is a rough, amorous  place; something vividly captured by a writer.

 ....To those not accustomed the SJ is  a source of mental, and to men even physical shock, what with the casual display of flesh, inner wear, lewd signs and vulgar language .There might be a lady with big lips, bleached face, thick fingers, smoking a cigarette, a beer on the table in front of her, and a man caressing her wide thighs exposed by her short skirt. There might be another one, looking not more than twenty, dark skinned, slender, smiling showing her dimples and playing with a young man’s zip, pretending as if to open it while asking him to buy her a drink. This scenario is enough to make men of a weaker will fall into the temptation of venturing inside pulling a seat and ordering for a beer so as “to absorb the shock”. And as they sop up the initial bolt of shock, they see and hear more, and they become even more stunned to an extent one beer is not enough to help suck up the shock, thus they ask for another beer, and another and another till that point, late in the night or day when the shock is gone, the pleasure in and they resign themselves to the fate of the SJ. To others the sight, which is like that of the first few seconds of a low budget blue movie, is just pleasure, fodder for fantasy: for that is what the SJ offers to those with shallow pockets, enough material to make their erotic fantasies as close to the reality as possible.

...Unlike in clubs to the east and north of Moi Avenue, where to achieve the right feel for some cosy naughty behavior, the disc jockey pumps fast music supposedly to charge the patrons, then dims the light to create a dreamy air, before playing a soft song say Lionel Ritchie’s Endless Love, at the SJ the mood is always appropriate for love making. Whether nine in the morning, three in the afternoon or eleven at night, the mood is right. Whether playing Awilo Longomba or turbulent Turbulence the mood is always right. There in the air you sense it, but  not the gentle, smooth love making that happens after watching a cheesy movie say Titanic; but something rough, with a touch of urgency, where panties may torn and nail marks left all over the body.

 It was at the SJ where I first went after shedding all the pretense of becoming a prostitute. When I decided to do away with camouflage prostitution; where I would sit at a bar sipping a drink, looking decent and hoping a man would pick me. The Sabina had the advantage of having few barriers to entry. The watchman was the only gatekeeper. The other girls would try to intimidate you but if you were stern it was easy to brush them away.

For a girl getting getting into prostitution proper,the SJ offers a relatively soft orientation ; one which wears off inhibitions slowly.  Though exposing your body is a plus at the SJ, its not as a competitive  edge as on the streets. You can still be in that long kinky skirt and jeans and get lots of clients. Then there is no experimentation in sex; mostly because of the socialization of the men who go there, and also due to the fact most of the sex sessions at the SJ are short times. Time and the aura of the short time rooms dissuade most people from doing anything other than the traditional. The rooms have dirty tattered mattresses, with used condoms and toilet paper lying all over the floor. It always amazed me how men could get it up in such circumstances.

The SJ was a risky place for me, it being very popular with college students spending their fees, pocket money and loans. There was a likelihood I could meet someone I knew. For this reason I chose a Tuesday mid morning for my first foray . I thought the chances of meeting someone who knew me on a Tuesday were minimal.

At that hour of the day there was no big deal at the Sabina . I just walked in and sat down . Of course there were the weird glances from other girls. One of them being this girl who could recite Yeat's The Second Coming, a poem I came to love and find relevant to the circumstances:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
 Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
 The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
 The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
 The best lack all conviction, while the worst
 Are full of passionate intensity......

To be continued....


  1. please., am sure u r worth much more than this...y then wld u plunge urself into such miserable wallow?? u evn make better articles than most of our writers.,unless u're nt rily a hooker,plz think abt it..u hav better financial generators other than P.,eg the brain.?..

  2. Sue,you have articulated, what goes through every mans mind when the check in at SJ for the 1st time.Your analysis of our socialization is remarkable, this is truly one of your best pieces yet.I have sent this link to my friends , they can identify with this description.Rick the lawyer.

  3. sasa sue i sent you a request at f.b. y unt you accept?????????????????? pls do am a big fan of uaz . am lewis mundia

  4. someone is begging for friendship on fb lol

  5. Why are most people hang up on 'saving' sue or finding out whether she's real? I'm hooked on the entertainment value of her writing. In fact knowing knowing her personal details would thoroughly put me off. There's a lot to be said for mystery sue!

  6. SJ management need to style up. How much does a bin cost, surely?!!!

  7. Hi, sue the harlot,I like you telling your stories and this gives me a sigh of relief coz for once someone is speaking for the prostitutes...However I am at pains to locate the shagging rooms at SJ..I have gone there but not seen the dirty rooms I jus want to ascertain they are dirty(lol).
    Keep up unleashing the truths but stay free from the scourge we dont want to lose you coz Fucking a prostitute gives high gratification especially to those lonely,shy wankers...

    Good write up though

  8. i'd never sleep with you sue, i think i know what got me hooked to your writing. you trade nicely a balance of the dangers of prostitution and fantasy esp in my mind. At first i'd entertained the thought of sleeping with a prostitute(you basically) but when i think clearly, i know as you mentioned earlier in your blog-you got no conscience, then it would be meaningless. now you mention you've been to SJ? damn!! you're cut from the same cloth as all you night girls.
    so to me, it's a damn shame you're in this biz, but that's you, so keep doing you!

  9. @Wonderman, get off your high horse, its quite evident you are not particularly sure of what you want, you want a prostitute with a conscience..hehe. and yes they are all cut from the same cloth including your sister.

  10. Best damn description of SJ i have read.good article sue n by the way guys should stop trying to save you n jus enjoy ur writings.

  11. the entertainment value of your blog is great; the Yeats poem captures the debauchery that is SJ pap! keep on writing knowing u got eager readers

  12. yoh anonymous
    my conscience right now is very clear, a week ago or two, i would have slept with Sue just for the sakes, but now - i'm good, in my mind she's at the back of the bus where she belongs(with all due respect). i've got nothing against prostitutes i mean, they're hoes who ask for pay, people gotta do what they gotta. but for me, i'll stay on my lane, she will also and that's that.
    abt my sisters got no comment

  13. this definitely beats gossip gal..Damn!

    and like a couple of people said up in here, sue dont need no redemption and when she does, I am sure she would go to man call yehshua No?

  14. best blog I have cross in a long while.Sue you got ma skill for writing.Think about writing professionally.You can do better than most of our professional writers.

  15. I once got robbed by one of the ladies at SJ with a ruse of getting me a beer. After about half an hour of waiting I decided to walk around looking for the culprit whom I found amongst a number of men. The men proceeded to attack me after I confronted the lady.

    Another issue with SJ is their bathrooms. You can smell the ammonia from the bar..yuck. Well said, "anybody that can get it up at such circumstances" is truly a brave soul.

  16. why would you want to come out of the close tto be judged by a society that doesn't understand you. Society has been built to suit the welfare of those who conform to its rules, "the decent" as you call them. Out of curiosity is this something you do out of need or because you enjoy /see as a profession..

  17. I think some people are falling in love with Sue...

    Now I can't wait to read how your first day at SJ went.

  18. Lovely read....the quote from Yeats aptly describes the heat and danger that is SJ, strangely this has been the hangout for the Uni students for time immemorial, don't think I can find it now.

  19. Who is Sue?!? All I see is a very good writer who has a way of getting people to read. For all we know, Sue could be a man!!

  20. Those whores at SJ have stinking pussies..I doubt if they ever shower. I once took one home and when she unleashed her torn panty the smell that came out made me a celibate for the next two months...YIEW!!!What happens to some womens down there.I magine i know enough chicas who do not smell at all....but some, they smell like a rotten mouse.MLAMI.

  21. @Anon Feb 4 8:56AM: What did you expect from a pussy that's guaruzuad about 10 times a day???! I bet you even tried to bargain on the price, cheap mlami!

  22. Sue the Harlot, hookers with conscience, Bwahaha, you anonymous suckers are killing me! Keep 'em coming. Sue...Nice piece. Mr Anonymous confessing he would not now sleep with Sue, let me break it down for u. Here's ur problem: You have this fantasy of sleeping with an intelligent woman and Sue is confusing you on that one. You've probably (100% likelyhood) slept with dumbos all your life, and you think intelligent 'tastes' better. Sorry can't help you on that one....I don't know how dumbos 'tastes' so I can't really "I know how you feel" you. :D No?

  23. Nice read......nice piece

  24. Where is the like button?
    Some of these comments are incredulous

  25. @ anon on February 4, 2011 9:18 PM ,man you dont know what am talking about nigga.....I am just requesting you to kill a rat and let it rot for 3 days and then smell it...YIEWWWWW!!The thot of that pussy makes me wanna gag any day...YUUUCK*MLAMI WA PARIS*

  26. Will you marry me ?

  27. It is very interesting indeed, you recite the second coming by W.B Yeats, i remember that poem clearly in my IGCSE Literature class. We were using an anthology of poems compiled by by jack hydes called 'touched with fire' page 66.... and i continue...

    surely some revelation is at hand;
    surely the socond coming is at hand.
    The second coming!Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sigh; somewhere in sands of the desert
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A glaze blank and pitiless as the sun......

    Another poem i remember was by Robert Frost ' two look at two'


  28. Sue,


    I work in the media. Let me say the media industry in Kenya is the biggest recruiter of white collar malayas.

    My direct manager i have heard fucks the senior managers to get promoted. i call this WHITE COLLAR PROSTITUTION . Also known as SALUTING. This type is the worst, they pretend to be what there not. white collar prostitutes are many in their hundreds.They are shameless bitches .

    Atleast your open about your profession and you can communication skills are EXCELLENT.I would love to work with you.
    Consider a career in writing or news anchor ( am serious) perhaps for International media companies such as BBC , aljazeera or New York times Africa Division(They are now in Nairobi) I think your too good for the kenyan media.

    I can tell you in my place many people cannot write, let alone talk.

    how they get employed is another story.

    I personally respect you.

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  30. I think I will put Sabina Joy as one of the spots to visit when I am in Nairobi, not for getting a hooker but just to see how different the bars\brothels in Nairobi are like compared to those in Tanzania, it should be an entertaining experience with your story in mind.

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