Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Episode 42: A Little Viagra

I bet you all know how easily available the drugs to 'enhance' the 'sexual experience' are these days. You know the ones that help a man last longer, get his thing up and maintain it up there. And the others that are supposed increase ‘sensitivity’ and make a man taste the love in love making. An article or two I have read in the newspapers have implied that the increased use of the drugs is a result of the present lifestyle which takes toil on the sex hormones, organs and emotions. Lifestyle here is taken to mean drinking, smoking, junk food and certainly chewing of miraa and gawks. But then one of the larger signposts of the present times; the pressure to achieve and the crucification of failures must be contributing to making the drugs a favorite of many men. Anxiety has always been a classical cause of impotence. As to why a man would be anxious while with a prostitute, as many presently are, is another discussion all together.

The increase in the use of the drugs has corresponded with a decrease in the shame of using them. They have become more like condoms. There are many men who pop the drugs in my presence. I usually don't ask questions and the men don't provide answers. But I always wonder do they openly use the drugs while with their girls? Or is it easier to do it with me because there is no sexual shame when with a prostitute? The most discreet of the men will want to give me an impression that they are swallowing painkillers and not performance boosters. Thus when driving to a hotel, a man will say something like “I am having a headache" then proceed to swallow the tablets which look nothing like Panadol or Hedex. Sometimes when I want to sound cheeky, I will say “Which head? “ And seeing the client’s expression change to disturbed, I say “Just kidding”

About ten days ago a man picked me around 2am. He looked in his mid thirties, was shorter than me and wore a broken suit. He was slightly drunk and as we drove to a hotel in the Parklands area he kept cracking the kind of jokes that many men tell prostitutes; simple, dirty and predictable. Somehow at that hour the jokes sound funny; the haha funny and not “that is a smart one” funny. At the hotel reception he bought himself a Redbull and a liter of water for me before we climbed to the third floor.

Inside the room the man sat on the bed, and opened his Redbull. I sat on a chair and waited. With time I have known not to undress before a man gives me a hint to do so, for there are men who find so much pleasure in removing my clothes and it would be to my disadvantage if I denied them the joy. From his trouser pocket the removed two tablets which were wrapped in a yellow receipt. “A little Viagra" he said laughing. Of course Viagra is what lots of men call all those boosters. I didn't catch a proper glimpse of the tabs but I prayed they were not a herbal brand of boosters girls here have nicknamed rocket because they make men fly.  I think rocket makes a man produce so much testosterone, because as stories go a man who has swallowed the pills becomes some sort of animal; high and wild. It’s almost impossible for a girl to satisfy such a man. The saddest thing is that some men don't remember the sexual experience very well after the effects have worn out.

The man didn’t go high but lay in bed with his feet still on the floor; it’s the position many men lay when they want a girl to start working on them. All these took about ten minutes. I stood up and wore my sex look. But as I was going for the man, I noticed his eyes were closed and he was breathing  in an unusually heavy manner. I shook him, but he didn’t respond. His breathing got worse, and some sort of foam started oozing from his mouth. Sometimes when a man has been given a slightly excess dose of sedatives reacts in the same way, and that's the point a girl frisks a his pocket and walks out. At least with sedatives one is sure a man will wake up, no matter how long it takes. The smart thing at that moment would have been to look for the man's wallet, pick some or all the cash and then leave. But what if the man died? I would be blamed for it.  The policemen are most likely to come looking for clues on the Street like they always do. Some girls are even rumored to be police informers. Though many girls will swear they can take a bullet for each other, I know when push comes to shove its everybody for herself. And of course there are girls who don't like me and would be first to say I went with the particular man. Girls and watchmen remember very well who goes with who or in what car.

I took a bath towel soaked it in water and placed it on the man's forehead, but nothing about him changed. He then started throwing fits and I thought for sure he was going to die. I decided to go inform the hotel staff. I am able to give an impression of calmness even when my inside is burning. I stood in front of the mirror, and decided not to look so calm; that might make one think that I was okay with what was happening; panicking on the other hand would make me look guilty. I settled for something in between. I walked out of the room and took stairs to the reception. The receptionist was a girl in his early twenties obviously very sleepy. She brightened up when I explained what had happened. I didn’t mention the tablets to her. She called the manager of the hotel. I don't know what instructions the manager gave, but the girl excused herself and walked outside. The next thing I saw was a watchman coming to the hotel lobby behind the receptionist. She came back to her desk where I was still standing and told me to wait for the manager. Rather than wait for the manger, I opted to go back to the room and check on my would be client. “The manager said you should not go back to the room until he comes". The receptionist said. “Why?" I asked. “He just said that". The girl replied. The watchman approached. I was already a suspect.

The manger came after about ten minutes accompanied by two other men who I guessed were waiters. The latter looked very excited. The manager didn’t even bother to say a greeting to me. “What happened?" he asked obviously trying to sound tough. Calmly I explained what had happened; omitting the tablets and the fact that the man had picked me from the Street . Saying I was a prostitute would definitely make things worse. “Who are you to him?" he asked. I grunted and started climbing the stairs. All of them followed me.

I opened the door of the room, and the man was still lying in the same position but in a worse condition. His mouth and face were covered with the foam like substance. His breathing was now in gasps similar to hiccups. “What happened? “The manager asked a second time. “Get a doctor.” I said, going to where the man was. “How did it start?" the manager persisted. “Get a doctor" I shouted “The man took some tablets”. The manager looked at me then lowered his voice cop in a movie style “What did you give him?". Huh tablets are only associated with drugging prostitutes.

"Lock her up" the manager said. I was not entirely surprised.  And quite enthusiastically the watchman and two waiters grabbed me.  “I am not running away" I said, trying to free my hands. “We can never know" the watchman said, pushing me with his rungu to the second floor. I was thrown inside a small dark room, filled with detergents. “You will never drug another man again" One of the waiters said as he switched off the lights.

I sat on the floor. For a moment I thought of escape but banished the idea after deciding I don't want to live on the run. I then pictured myself in a police cell, then in court charged with murder, and then my life in prison. I was scared. I was sure the man would die because the manager looked so indecisive and slow to action. Would a postmortem establish that the man had swallowed the tablets voluntarily? If at all they were the cause of his condition.

The door was opened some minutes past six in the morning. And there was the manager, the waiters, watchman and the man who was to be my client staring at me. He had lost his shine, and looked confused.

“You are lucky “said the manager. I walked out without saying a word to anyone.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Episode 41: The Indifferent Men

When I started having sex I used to think the end was the only thing. And by end I mean sexual climax. Of course the end mattered but it didn’t take long to learn the process of attaining the climax was also important; for it is this that differentiates the sexual ability of girls. When I was a novice in my kind of work I was not sure why men pay for sex; whether it was because they were sexually starved or because they were seeking variety. If it was the former then the end is what would matter, but if the latter the process would be crucial. Most of the men I slept with in downtown seemed starved and need of sex per se. They were okay with me just lying on my back, my head resting on my hands as they had their pleasure.  Or perhaps they were not starved sexually but in the pocket and thus were aware that for the 200 shillings they paid they could only get budget sex.

In the Street it was different and has been for a long time. The men who come there are most likely to have multiple girlfriends or are enjoying relatively good sex with their wives. But they pay a premium to, among other things, go to the edge of pleasure which is achieved not by the climax itself but the anticipation towards it. That’s the reason many of us here give their all to the clients. We kiss, lick and touch where girlfriends and wives don’t. We also allow men to do certain things on us they dare not do to their women. And because we have sex so many times and with so many different men, over time we become experts of sorts.

But something has changed of late. It’s tougher than ever before to satisfy my clients. And not because the quality of my performance has gone down, not at all, but rather men seem to have raised their expectations. If not they have become indifferent to my efforts towards achieving climax. I am flexible, creative and will go the extra mile to please my clients. And as much as I want repeat customers or bonus payment I do it because of the ego boost I get seeing a man enjoying my services. The face of a man who is pleasantry surprised by what I am doing to him sticks me for a while and motivates me, sometimes more than the money.

A few minutes with a man I am able to accurately guess what he has experienced and what he hasn’t. That way I am able to pull a trick out of my bag and give him something new. But none of my creative efforts surprises my clients anymore. And I don’t think all of them have had a taste of some of the things I come up with. I am also one of those who believe there are infinite ways to play with a man. When I ask some of these men if there is any particular experience they want, they don’t pinpoint anything. It is very frustrating.

I cannot find any logical for this new man, and my ego does not allow me to ask my colleagues whether they are experiencing the same but looking at their faces I bet they are. Is it that sex is so easily available that men are bored of it? I don't think so. It can’t be. If I was a science alarmist I would say we are going through an evolution moment when a species adapts to acquire a favorable trait. Perhaps men who have no frills sex live longer, though I guess they are less successful. Now I digress.

I once read a question a lady had asked an Agony Aunt. “What do I do to spice up our sex life?" The answer was the classical “Do away with all the shame and assume you are a prostitute". So what answer would she give to an actual prostitute? Maybe that's the answer I need.

Before you write me off know I still got a trick up my sleeve, the one thing that will make any man say " Shit!" and actually do it. Or so I think. But then this is supposed to be the secret weapon spared for the special one or the most desperate of situations, like when my life or a million dollars is at stake. Irrespective of what the indifferent men do, I won’t stop believing I am still one of the best in bed


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