Monday, July 9, 2012

Questions Answered

Anybody still visiting this place? Okay I have been away for a while. Long story as usual. Here I am giving some quick answers to questions asked. I will post answers several times this week. Some of the questions may be outdated by now, but I will answer them nevertheless.Questions are reproduced exactly as asked.

1.Hi Sue, how comes kenyan women find the courage to go to the streets yet there are very few with enough courage to join sites connecting them with men that pay for the service or maybe there is another arrangement for them to make cash? - doug

My first concern would be privacy. The chances of a family member or friend getting me on Street are lower than of them finding me on an escort site, with a photo of me displaying my whatnot so as to win customers. Then again if we met on the Street the matter would end there. I mean if he is out there looking for a prostitute he would have no moral right to judge me for being one.

I would never know the identity of the people viewing me on an escort site and well how can I duck and hide like it happens on the streets at times ? So my amorous cousin or neighbor could see me on a site and start talking behind my back.  And if asked “What were you doing visiting an escort site?” He will gladly answer “Actually I didn’t visit the site, some pervert tagged me on Facebook.” Nowadays that is enough explanation. 

2. Are there prostitutes who have undergone female genital mutilation and if so how do they cope on the streets since they cant enjoy sex fully?  - Big Fan Mariam

Yes there are. Not that I have seen them naked but they talk about it without regrets , and keep repeating as if in pride, as if it makes them tougher women . As to how they cope, well the main purpose of this business is to sexually please a man and not oneself, and earn money while at it. So many times I have pleasured men without feeling a thing myself. Yet there are men whose pleasure is not complete unless the girl seems to be enjoying herself. For those a girl can always fake or act in other ways that compensates her FGM short coming.

 On the other hand it’s a plus if you mix business with pleasure; enjoy sex while still making men ecstatic and getting paid for it. But if one cant for reasons beyond their present control, say FGM or boredom, one doesn’t get depressed; she just reminds herself why they are on the street in the first place: money.  Okay who is the god? Money is. What is money? Money is the god. My orgasm is not.

 3. Can a white girl make it on the streets of Nairobi? And can you make it in Europe? - Johnnie

 Sure, a white girl can make it.  Never mind the roughness here. Every street girl anywhere in the world has an in built system to handle that. Haven't you seen it in movies and James Hadley Chase novels? Would she get clients? Definitely yes. Since my college days and up to now I hear men in Nairobi bad mouth white women .Saying all manner of things about their bodies, sex prowess or lack of it and so forth.  Much of it is hot air. Few local men would turn down a white P. One explanation why men pay for sex is variety. A man will pick a white girl not for any other reason but discover how it is with such.  Is it like in the movies? And of course sleeping with a white girl will make men acquire bragging rights. “I did it with a white woman and let me tell you…..” . Interestingly for reasons unbeknown to me the number of white prostitutes in Nairobi is increasing. White will soon be the new Ethiopia.

For the same reasons above I am sure to make it in Europe. The main draw back may be the laws and generally the system there which I may take time to understand but eventually I would hack it. That said I believe it’s easier for a white girl to make it on the streets of Nairobi, than for a black girl to succeed on the Avenues of Luxembourg.  Or is it?

4. What will you name your child, if you ever get one? - Nenda

 Not sure. If a boy definitely not John, probably Tonka Zan, Brutus (Popeye) or something of the sort. If a girl I would come up with my own name whose meaning I would assign. I d prefer a name made only
of consonants.           

5. Which of the present presidential candidates will you vote for?  - J K

Given a choice none. They lack the glow despite their cash.  But I have no choice and I got to vote. As for who, the less said the better.

 6. Why don’t you reply to email? - Marto

 I try to. Or used to. Of late I have been away from email for a while but I am back and digging in to reply to everyone who has dropped me a note .Considering the pile it may take a while though.

7. Do you think men love sex more than money? Why ay for it when they can get it free of charge from their wives? - Eric

No I think men love cash more. Several men have disrupted a session just because they had to rush somewhere to ‘fix a deal ‘.  I believe for both men and women sex is a means not an end to anything. Money and power give more pleasure to human beings than sex, or so I think. Paying for sex is a cog in the wider money making scheme. At times sex relaxes men and helps them focus on their goals. Would a man choose 20 million shillings or doing it with Beyonce? I think the former. I would choose the former too if  its Jay Z in the picture.