Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Less Than 500 For 24 Hours & Other Questions Answered..

Here I answer a few questions. I reproduce questions as asked.

1. Where do i get a cheap hooker in nairobi? <500 bob for a 24hr session? - Sleek

Ha! Although the cost of sex is not directly proportional to the cost of living, that's a long shot, and maybe 'exploitation'! Then again more than before girls are learning how valuable their bodies are and peg prices accordingly. Of course you can still get girls for Ksh.50 for a short time. But less than 500 for a whole day and night, well a not so professional girl. Then again if a girl agrees to do less than 500 for 24 hours then you better think again, she may be having an ace up her sleeve. Unless of course you are giving something more than money, say some love. Anyway you can try Snack, that bar at the entrance of Mlango Kubwa if they are still open.

2. Can you post a pic of your pussy only? - Dzeko

No, I wouldn't do that. And after all you have probably seen a look a like somewhere. The difference is not in the appearance of the pussy, but what a girl can can do with it. Or better still what a man finds inside.

3. hello sue, why not surrender ur life to Christ and repent from this evil way, have been in Nairobi the street that you mention I know it very well, please you still have a chance and total surrender ur life to Christ today.those who do this work they end it up in the grave and when they die they go to hell. and where is the money? the money also perish as is ur day tomorrow may be too late 4 you. Jesus Christ loves youBro. Emmanuel from Germany..

Brother thank you for your concern. Like I said before I believe in God, what we may differ on is the definition of good and evil. And also God's purpose for every human being. I am yet to discover His purpose for me, but seeing how mysterious God is I wouldn't be surprised if I am not actually lost. 

4. Hi Sue .Just out of your experience on the street have you met girls who are desperate to get off the street ...or some who had to be high to be able to have sex with a client? Also would you know or suggest ways they can get a helping hand to get themselves off the street? or at the very least tell their stories? Just so you get an idea of what I mean watch this song - Josephine

First I confess my connection is not very good, and so I have not watched the song. But I will make a point of doing it. Yes there are girls who are desperate to get off the streets. You see the circumstances of each girl are different. Some are pushed to the Street in rough quick way, without time to think of it. Then there are girls who come willingly but are not able to physiologically adapt to the 'harshness' here; the insults and  madharau. So they stick in desperation, wishing there could be a way out..all easier said than done...They end up staying, they become hardened and the desperation to leave is no more. The focus then is on The Jackpot, that will transform their lives. The large amount of money they will legally or otherwise get from a man. Or the European guy who will marry them. But one may never hit The Jackpot. Prostitution then becomes their career until. Yes until.

Being high to have sex with clients is normal. Its not necessarily out of desperation but more because of what a high does. One is daring, can give a not so clean but loaded man a blow job, the time of his life etc. Still there are those who get high to 'escape' rather than boost the session as above. Needless to say a high eventually becomes a low, and if a girl was escaping the realities of her work then she finds herself in a worse position mentally. A position which can only be redeemed with a more potent drink, herb or powder.

Nowadays there are many organizations, 'well wishers' and church people who come to the Street to help anyone willing get off. I would hesitate before making such suggestions, at least not in a general manner.

5. Have you ever had to use saliver to wet ur vagina when u were not ariused enough to get wet?

Yes I have done it. While at the SJ I used to do it often. But it is not professional. Presently if I sense my body does not react to the arousal efforts of a man then I use a lube. Then again nowadays its not so much a turn off if you unleash KY, especially if you use it to give the man some pleasure too.

Still got tens of questions. I will answer some tomorrow and the day after. I may have inadvertly skipped some questions but I am going through everything and will answer them all. Keeping asking. And I am still working on the emails.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Not With Flowers But Our Thoughts

(This is from the May issue of Up Nairobi. Of course with an editor the voice and style is different. Between Monday and Wednesday I answer all questions, email and all else. And hopefully I will be gone forever)

"Some of the most vicious fights on the Street have happened when mothers are invoked. Say when a girl swears by her mother to teach another a lesson. Or when one insinuates that a girl has learnt the ways of the Street from her mother. The latter always results in a heated exchange which ends up in a physical fight. For mothers hold special places in the hearts of the girls here. Though common reasoning has it that a child's upbringing influences her adulthood
decisions, the logic here is that being a sex worker is an own choice which has nothing to do with the parents. Girls tend to say “My mother gave her best but I made the final decision to sell my body”.  For instance if a girl is on the Street  supposedly because her mum could not raise enough money to educate her and subsequently help her acquire a good job,  then the blame is on the government and not the mother. And if not the government then the father is to blame.

Yet the male clients too don’t want to have their mothers dragged to the filth of the Street. Its always an ugly scene when  a girl as much as suggests that a client's mother has something to do with his uncultured manners, say his reluctance to pay or his use of demeaning language.

On the other hand as much as mothers are protected from the Street “My mother" keeps popping up in our conversations. Not so much in praise but in fear and anxiety. The fear of what would happen if our mothers came to know what we do for a living. And the anxiety of waiting for her next call, thinking that during the last visit one said and acted in a way that was contradictory enough to give her a clue of our true work, and not the hotel job one keeps telling her about. The anxiety is not expressed directly but more in efforts to bribe the mum to ignorance. For at the bottom of their hearts many girls suspect their mothers know what they do and are only giving a blind eye.

.......On the Street any day marking a special event or honoring a group of people passes without notice if it does not translate to any monetary gain. Mothers’ Day is no exception. But here we honor our mothers everyday. Not with flowers but our thoughts. Read the rest here.  "

Happy Mothers Day. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Up Nairobi:( Fun On The Street) and This and That

Wow! I have been away from the city, the blog and email. I have been hitch hiking around the country trying to 'redefine' myself. But here I am back with one foot on the Street and the other everywhere. I admit that I missed the blog. Sometimes I feel like I know you as close friends. Somehow offline I am not able to talk the same way I do here.Okay forget that.

Now I still had a few posts I had planned to write before I disappeared. I will try write them. There are also so many loose ends to the ends to do with the blog : Questions I need answered, promises I need to keep, I owe a number of people some things etc. I plan to do all that. And my email! Its overflowing but that's what I will work on in the next few days.

I still write a monthly article for Up Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the April issue. The style maybe a little different, and the copy cleaner, of course because there is an editor at work.

....Attention people of Nairobi! The Street is not only about gloom and doom; there is also fun and laughter. Those who have passed along the Street when we are on duty must have heard of our loud, unrestricted laughter. The kind you only hear in  Naija movies. A sound so different from the careful giggles of many in this city who act as if it’s against the city’s by laws to have a good hearty laugh. Our cackle tells you that we are ticking despite the many shortcomings of our work.

Of course of course I know some of you will claim that our laughter is hollow and even go ahead to quote the poet who said "we laugh to keep from crying." But there you get it wrong. We are genuine. And after, all isn't our business that of looking at the nakedness of human beings, physically, emotionally and otherwise? Is there anything much more fun than that? Read the rest of the article here