Monday, July 9, 2012

Questions Answered

Anybody still visiting this place? Okay I have been away for a while. Long story as usual. Here I am giving some quick answers to questions asked. I will post answers several times this week. Some of the questions may be outdated by now, but I will answer them nevertheless.Questions are reproduced exactly as asked.

1.Hi Sue, how comes kenyan women find the courage to go to the streets yet there are very few with enough courage to join sites connecting them with men that pay for the service or maybe there is another arrangement for them to make cash? - doug

My first concern would be privacy. The chances of a family member or friend getting me on Street are lower than of them finding me on an escort site, with a photo of me displaying my whatnot so as to win customers. Then again if we met on the Street the matter would end there. I mean if he is out there looking for a prostitute he would have no moral right to judge me for being one.

I would never know the identity of the people viewing me on an escort site and well how can I duck and hide like it happens on the streets at times ? So my amorous cousin or neighbor could see me on a site and start talking behind my back.  And if asked “What were you doing visiting an escort site?” He will gladly answer “Actually I didn’t visit the site, some pervert tagged me on Facebook.” Nowadays that is enough explanation. 

2. Are there prostitutes who have undergone female genital mutilation and if so how do they cope on the streets since they cant enjoy sex fully?  - Big Fan Mariam

Yes there are. Not that I have seen them naked but they talk about it without regrets , and keep repeating as if in pride, as if it makes them tougher women . As to how they cope, well the main purpose of this business is to sexually please a man and not oneself, and earn money while at it. So many times I have pleasured men without feeling a thing myself. Yet there are men whose pleasure is not complete unless the girl seems to be enjoying herself. For those a girl can always fake or act in other ways that compensates her FGM short coming.

 On the other hand it’s a plus if you mix business with pleasure; enjoy sex while still making men ecstatic and getting paid for it. But if one cant for reasons beyond their present control, say FGM or boredom, one doesn’t get depressed; she just reminds herself why they are on the street in the first place: money.  Okay who is the god? Money is. What is money? Money is the god. My orgasm is not.

 3. Can a white girl make it on the streets of Nairobi? And can you make it in Europe? - Johnnie

 Sure, a white girl can make it.  Never mind the roughness here. Every street girl anywhere in the world has an in built system to handle that. Haven't you seen it in movies and James Hadley Chase novels? Would she get clients? Definitely yes. Since my college days and up to now I hear men in Nairobi bad mouth white women .Saying all manner of things about their bodies, sex prowess or lack of it and so forth.  Much of it is hot air. Few local men would turn down a white P. One explanation why men pay for sex is variety. A man will pick a white girl not for any other reason but discover how it is with such.  Is it like in the movies? And of course sleeping with a white girl will make men acquire bragging rights. “I did it with a white woman and let me tell you…..” . Interestingly for reasons unbeknown to me the number of white prostitutes in Nairobi is increasing. White will soon be the new Ethiopia.

For the same reasons above I am sure to make it in Europe. The main draw back may be the laws and generally the system there which I may take time to understand but eventually I would hack it. That said I believe it’s easier for a white girl to make it on the streets of Nairobi, than for a black girl to succeed on the Avenues of Luxembourg.  Or is it?

4. What will you name your child, if you ever get one? - Nenda

 Not sure. If a boy definitely not John, probably Tonka Zan, Brutus (Popeye) or something of the sort. If a girl I would come up with my own name whose meaning I would assign. I d prefer a name made only
of consonants.           

5. Which of the present presidential candidates will you vote for?  - J K

Given a choice none. They lack the glow despite their cash.  But I have no choice and I got to vote. As for who, the less said the better.

 6. Why don’t you reply to email? - Marto

 I try to. Or used to. Of late I have been away from email for a while but I am back and digging in to reply to everyone who has dropped me a note .Considering the pile it may take a while though.

7. Do you think men love sex more than money? Why ay for it when they can get it free of charge from their wives? - Eric

No I think men love cash more. Several men have disrupted a session just because they had to rush somewhere to ‘fix a deal ‘.  I believe for both men and women sex is a means not an end to anything. Money and power give more pleasure to human beings than sex, or so I think. Paying for sex is a cog in the wider money making scheme. At times sex relaxes men and helps them focus on their goals. Would a man choose 20 million shillings or doing it with Beyonce? I think the former. I would choose the former too if  its Jay Z in the picture.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Less Than 500 For 24 Hours & Other Questions Answered..

Here I answer a few questions. I reproduce questions as asked.

1. Where do i get a cheap hooker in nairobi? <500 bob for a 24hr session? - Sleek

Ha! Although the cost of sex is not directly proportional to the cost of living, that's a long shot, and maybe 'exploitation'! Then again more than before girls are learning how valuable their bodies are and peg prices accordingly. Of course you can still get girls for Ksh.50 for a short time. But less than 500 for a whole day and night, well a not so professional girl. Then again if a girl agrees to do less than 500 for 24 hours then you better think again, she may be having an ace up her sleeve. Unless of course you are giving something more than money, say some love. Anyway you can try Snack, that bar at the entrance of Mlango Kubwa if they are still open.

2. Can you post a pic of your pussy only? - Dzeko

No, I wouldn't do that. And after all you have probably seen a look a like somewhere. The difference is not in the appearance of the pussy, but what a girl can can do with it. Or better still what a man finds inside.

3. hello sue, why not surrender ur life to Christ and repent from this evil way, have been in Nairobi the street that you mention I know it very well, please you still have a chance and total surrender ur life to Christ today.those who do this work they end it up in the grave and when they die they go to hell. and where is the money? the money also perish as is ur day tomorrow may be too late 4 you. Jesus Christ loves youBro. Emmanuel from Germany..

Brother thank you for your concern. Like I said before I believe in God, what we may differ on is the definition of good and evil. And also God's purpose for every human being. I am yet to discover His purpose for me, but seeing how mysterious God is I wouldn't be surprised if I am not actually lost. 

4. Hi Sue .Just out of your experience on the street have you met girls who are desperate to get off the street ...or some who had to be high to be able to have sex with a client? Also would you know or suggest ways they can get a helping hand to get themselves off the street? or at the very least tell their stories? Just so you get an idea of what I mean watch this song - Josephine

First I confess my connection is not very good, and so I have not watched the song. But I will make a point of doing it. Yes there are girls who are desperate to get off the streets. You see the circumstances of each girl are different. Some are pushed to the Street in rough quick way, without time to think of it. Then there are girls who come willingly but are not able to physiologically adapt to the 'harshness' here; the insults and  madharau. So they stick in desperation, wishing there could be a way out..all easier said than done...They end up staying, they become hardened and the desperation to leave is no more. The focus then is on The Jackpot, that will transform their lives. The large amount of money they will legally or otherwise get from a man. Or the European guy who will marry them. But one may never hit The Jackpot. Prostitution then becomes their career until. Yes until.

Being high to have sex with clients is normal. Its not necessarily out of desperation but more because of what a high does. One is daring, can give a not so clean but loaded man a blow job, the time of his life etc. Still there are those who get high to 'escape' rather than boost the session as above. Needless to say a high eventually becomes a low, and if a girl was escaping the realities of her work then she finds herself in a worse position mentally. A position which can only be redeemed with a more potent drink, herb or powder.

Nowadays there are many organizations, 'well wishers' and church people who come to the Street to help anyone willing get off. I would hesitate before making such suggestions, at least not in a general manner.

5. Have you ever had to use saliver to wet ur vagina when u were not ariused enough to get wet?

Yes I have done it. While at the SJ I used to do it often. But it is not professional. Presently if I sense my body does not react to the arousal efforts of a man then I use a lube. Then again nowadays its not so much a turn off if you unleash KY, especially if you use it to give the man some pleasure too.

Still got tens of questions. I will answer some tomorrow and the day after. I may have inadvertly skipped some questions but I am going through everything and will answer them all. Keeping asking. And I am still working on the emails.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Not With Flowers But Our Thoughts

(This is from the May issue of Up Nairobi. Of course with an editor the voice and style is different. Between Monday and Wednesday I answer all questions, email and all else. And hopefully I will be gone forever)

"Some of the most vicious fights on the Street have happened when mothers are invoked. Say when a girl swears by her mother to teach another a lesson. Or when one insinuates that a girl has learnt the ways of the Street from her mother. The latter always results in a heated exchange which ends up in a physical fight. For mothers hold special places in the hearts of the girls here. Though common reasoning has it that a child's upbringing influences her adulthood
decisions, the logic here is that being a sex worker is an own choice which has nothing to do with the parents. Girls tend to say “My mother gave her best but I made the final decision to sell my body”.  For instance if a girl is on the Street  supposedly because her mum could not raise enough money to educate her and subsequently help her acquire a good job,  then the blame is on the government and not the mother. And if not the government then the father is to blame.

Yet the male clients too don’t want to have their mothers dragged to the filth of the Street. Its always an ugly scene when  a girl as much as suggests that a client's mother has something to do with his uncultured manners, say his reluctance to pay or his use of demeaning language.

On the other hand as much as mothers are protected from the Street “My mother" keeps popping up in our conversations. Not so much in praise but in fear and anxiety. The fear of what would happen if our mothers came to know what we do for a living. And the anxiety of waiting for her next call, thinking that during the last visit one said and acted in a way that was contradictory enough to give her a clue of our true work, and not the hotel job one keeps telling her about. The anxiety is not expressed directly but more in efforts to bribe the mum to ignorance. For at the bottom of their hearts many girls suspect their mothers know what they do and are only giving a blind eye.

.......On the Street any day marking a special event or honoring a group of people passes without notice if it does not translate to any monetary gain. Mothers’ Day is no exception. But here we honor our mothers everyday. Not with flowers but our thoughts. Read the rest here.  "

Happy Mothers Day. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Up Nairobi:( Fun On The Street) and This and That

Wow! I have been away from the city, the blog and email. I have been hitch hiking around the country trying to 'redefine' myself. But here I am back with one foot on the Street and the other everywhere. I admit that I missed the blog. Sometimes I feel like I know you as close friends. Somehow offline I am not able to talk the same way I do here.Okay forget that.

Now I still had a few posts I had planned to write before I disappeared. I will try write them. There are also so many loose ends to the ends to do with the blog : Questions I need answered, promises I need to keep, I owe a number of people some things etc. I plan to do all that. And my email! Its overflowing but that's what I will work on in the next few days.

I still write a monthly article for Up Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the April issue. The style maybe a little different, and the copy cleaner, of course because there is an editor at work.

....Attention people of Nairobi! The Street is not only about gloom and doom; there is also fun and laughter. Those who have passed along the Street when we are on duty must have heard of our loud, unrestricted laughter. The kind you only hear in  Naija movies. A sound so different from the careful giggles of many in this city who act as if it’s against the city’s by laws to have a good hearty laugh. Our cackle tells you that we are ticking despite the many shortcomings of our work.

Of course of course I know some of you will claim that our laughter is hollow and even go ahead to quote the poet who said "we laugh to keep from crying." But there you get it wrong. We are genuine. And after, all isn't our business that of looking at the nakedness of human beings, physically, emotionally and otherwise? Is there anything much more fun than that? Read the rest of the article here 


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Questions Answered

I am still around 'concluding'. So today I answer some questions as asked by readers...

I reproduce the questions exactly as asked.

1. Considering your work , do you have any unfulfilled sex fantasies? - Max

Who doesn't? Yes I have. The Street does not necessarily give you the opportunity to fulfill all your sex fantasies, for truth be told fantasies are a little weird and their appeal is when they remain fantasies rather than realities. That said I have fulfilled some of my fantasies. I have seen men fulfill theirs, and quite a number don't jump in triumph after , they look dull.

2. Have You heard of Lisa sparxxx's record? She has done the number U took years to in 60 seconds (pun intended) My question is how do You regard Yourself with respect,dignity,r humanity when other Men use U'r body for masturbation? Finally I have noticed that You have managed to change the view of prostitution somewhat based on an analysis of comments so has Your readership changed You?

Yes I have heard about Lisa Sparks and her record of having sex with about 1000 men in a day. Bet I am doing good. Anyway five in a day is usually on the higher side of me so I cant even imagine about 30 men an hour.

I still regard myself with dignity. If I lost self respect then that would be the end of me. I see everything mostly as my choice. And with that I make the choice  not to lose sense of myself despite the many things that work towards crushing my dignity. And men using my body for masturbation is the last thing that would make me lose my dignity. I take it positively; like a sort of complement of my body. 

I certainly can't assume the effects of my readers on me. Although I interact with men everyday in their most naked form, there is something about the anonymity of the internet that shows another side of people. I dare say I have learnt a thing or two, though not surprised, by what my readers say.

3. Are you A Kikuyu? If not, what are you? - Giggs

Ha! I am tribe less! Why did you think of Kikuyu first? I have previously given a big hint of what tribe I am , but then again I have a little of several tribes.

4. Do you sometimes shift to places like mombasa, them,when there is a romour that there is alot of money circulating on those sides,for example tourists,bumper harvest...? - Gidi

No, I have never done that though its something I really wanted to do but kept procastinating . My particular interest was Narok and Malindi...well well I think retired or not I will do visit...

5. Are there Man Prostitutes in the Street? If so, Are there women who come to pick up Man? - Giggs

Yes there are now male prostitutes along Koinange. These serve both men and women. But rarely do women come to pick male prostitutes from the Street. I think its for the reason there are many safe and decent grounds to hunt for a man. The male prostitutes on the Street are increasing at a very fast rate, and I guess eventually there will be some sort of turf war.

6. Hey sue..What was the longest time a man went without Cumming? When was the Lowest time? If your not sure can you estimate.- Mario

Ha, the longest time is never because there are men who cum at all. The shortest time is seconds, because there are those who ejaculate as soon as they are in. However realistically I have done a half an hour plus with a man. When the man is sober and looks okay I always wonder if  his going beyond the average duration is a commentary of my skills or my organ. Of course of course there are many unseen reasons which can affect, e.g Stress..

7. Hey Sue, keep it up! My biggest problem is: what makes women steal from a client? My friend recently took a mama home while very drunk and she stole several items in the morning, including petty things like foodstuff plus mobile phones. The guy says he could have just given her the food stuff if she had asked for it. Weirdly, she left lots of expensive stuff behind.

Like I mentioned before the motivation for stealing is different for each girl. There exists the underlying mistrust between us and clients which would make asking for such basics not convenient. And what would a client think of me if I asked for cooking oil or maize flour? That's a possible red flag; here is a possible thief. And what would it do to my ego to go begging for such? Not to glorify stealing but when one picks from a man the ego is raised and their sense of achievement. It feels better than having to beg for food.  In our kind of work its dangerous to have ego issues; you will not only achieve less but hate yourself, the world in addition to feeling 'useless'.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Winding Up The Blog

Yesterday was my last night on the Street. I am out of there completely. However I am not out of the sex business, at least for the next one month or so. As for the blog I will just finish answering the questions and do one final 'behind the scenes' post. Starting today I will reorganize/redesign the blog a little; make it much more 'prettier' or 'uglier' ; give some posts a permanent place and some more prominence.

 I will hang around even after the final post because there are some people are working on a few products based on the blog content. Looking at my notebook there are many more dispatches from the Street I would have written, but then time has caught up with me. Maybe later I will be giving quick snippets of such here.  I am fixing a collection of all the Episodes. I hope to find a way to make automatic downloads of such possible. All my ebooks whether free or for sale will now be hosted here.  The Hook Up section will be here for longer. I might also retreat and do a complete book. Once the technology issues are resolved I will continue with the seminars. And yes I am still determined to reply to all the emails however backdated they are.

Too bad I won't stick up to Episode 69 as I would have wished. Thanks all for reading, the comments, criticism , praise and all.

Any final wishes ?  ;)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Episode 62: Random Thoughts On Our Industry

I told another group that the sex trade is up there with production houses, publishers and Hollywood, because we are all in the entertainment industry. The girl on the Street is now shoulder to shoulder with Avril, Muthoni the author and Tanya. We are all entertainers. Or is it?

Gone are the days when a man would come to the Street just for a quick sex fix because he couldn’t  get some elsewhere. Now the man comes as if he is going to a concert, you know you can listen to music in a radio but crave the party and entertaining mood of a show.   Gone too are the days when a blow job was an extra, to be given only to those who paid more. Nowadays its default. Even downtown where sex was so business like I hear a bj is increasingly becoming the norm. My days at the  SJ I dared not allow a man to touch my boobs during a short time. But I hear things have changed there too.

 In music and publishing they talk of voices, beat, content and style when listing things that differentiate artists. Successful artists are those who choose the right mix of those. What about us? Here on the Street  we have started to define ourselves in genres.  Though in the Street there is not much room to market yourself according to your specialty,  in the City’s brothels it’s the norm. Like I said we know girls who specialize in anal, threesomes and the increasingly in vogue BDSM. Yet men coming here wont state openly what they want. And the girls won’t say what they specialize in. So when the girl gets in the car the man will say “Do you do anal? I want anal”

 “No, I don’t” a girl may answer. “But I know someone who does. I can get her to you at a small fee” And so it happens.

In publishing a book may become timeless. See Shakespeare and Albert Camus. In music it’s a bit tough; a musician has to keep reinventing himself or herself lest they fade away. It’s the same with us. When one joins the Street one packages herself as young and fresh. But after a year the young and fresh can’t sell anymore so one talks of being mature and fresh. Never mind the freshness may no longer be there. By the third year when the strain of the Street is visible on the face and thighs freshness and maturity don't sell. Experience does.
Our sexuality is evolving. I guess triggered by the push by human beings towards comfort and happiness in every sphere of their lives. Of course the evolution is also triggered by our response to the many and easily available sexual information, stories, videos, photos, toys and whatever else. Certainly the body and the brain respond to these. And the barriers to entry being less in the sex industry than in music or publishing, there will be many who join to satisfy the demands of the evolving sexuality.

So the sex industry is becoming bigger and competition stiffer. The mayor estimates there  are 21000 sexual acts in this city every night. If each is worth Ksh. 1000 then we are talking of Ksh.21000000 a night or 0.6 billion in a month. Quite some dough. Yet many in the country want us to remain underground, just like the drug industry. I don't want to digress to that argument now but in a recent comment someone said the undoing of the sex industry is that it’s associated with bad elements; the drug barons, robbers and others who get a kick from having girls as part of their networks or hovering around them a la Hugh Heffner or Al Capone. So he argues legalizing prostitution will not make it easy for the government to fight these evil citizens. You know a prostitute with her rights protected will not just be searched by a male policeman and drugs found in her handbag or better still in her panties or between her buttocks.  She will demand a search warrant, and meanwhile hide the drugs, gun or whatever. I have problem with this line of reasoning but won’t go into it at the moment.

Back to the sex entertainment business. There are girls and men who are now choosing sex work as a career. The old argument that one gets into the work because of poverty is becoming increasingly outdated. Of course there are many who are in the work because of their poor circumstances but there are others who are educated with other options and opt to make a career out of sex, literally. Didn’t you hear Daughtie talk of our bodies, our choice?

As a country we are starting to acknowledge the entertainment value of sex more. Nevertheless we are still behind as compared to the western countries. Just look at our online porn offerings which are just obvious depictions of what we do in private. Nothing really creative or imaginative. But we keep watching them hoping for something to excite us in a different way. Where are the local erotic books? I have heard of none since David Maillu and Love For Sale. Where are live cam girls and men who you can give orders? Where are the dancing shows? Where are the sex games? I have heard of a few of these, and hopefully we will get there. The fact is that the demand is amazing and someone will come in to fill it. 

The publishing, movies and music industry are facing the problem of piracy. At least you can’t pirate sex per se. But the competition and pressure to remain on top is enormous. Only the very creative and innovative will survive. And only those who make themselves known, or brand themselves in a way or another will go beyond the average one hour gig.

I don't feel too good quitting when things are starting to get interesting. Maybe I should just reinvent myself and remain in this segment of the entertainment industry which is said to tear the moral fabric of the society.

Now I decided I have no business  match making. So for all with such requests I have opened a hook up section where you can list who and what you want or looking for, and you are bound to get responses. CLICK HERE to list yourself. As for those who we talked on email  I will be posting your profiles later in the day. And those asking for specialty  Street girls, I will be in touch.
Somehow today things are slow, and I am taking it easy. I will catch up with quite a number of my emails . Do have a lovely weekend.

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