Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Up Nairobi:( Fun On The Street) and This and That

Wow! I have been away from the city, the blog and email. I have been hitch hiking around the country trying to 'redefine' myself. But here I am back with one foot on the Street and the other everywhere. I admit that I missed the blog. Sometimes I feel like I know you as close friends. Somehow offline I am not able to talk the same way I do here.Okay forget that.

Now I still had a few posts I had planned to write before I disappeared. I will try write them. There are also so many loose ends to the ends to do with the blog : Questions I need answered, promises I need to keep, I owe a number of people some things etc. I plan to do all that. And my email! Its overflowing but that's what I will work on in the next few days.

I still write a monthly article for Up Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the April issue. The style maybe a little different, and the copy cleaner, of course because there is an editor at work.

....Attention people of Nairobi! The Street is not only about gloom and doom; there is also fun and laughter. Those who have passed along the Street when we are on duty must have heard of our loud, unrestricted laughter. The kind you only hear in  Naija movies. A sound so different from the careful giggles of many in this city who act as if it’s against the city’s by laws to have a good hearty laugh. Our cackle tells you that we are ticking despite the many shortcomings of our work.

Of course of course I know some of you will claim that our laughter is hollow and even go ahead to quote the poet who said "we laugh to keep from crying." But there you get it wrong. We are genuine. And after, all isn't our business that of looking at the nakedness of human beings, physically, emotionally and otherwise? Is there anything much more fun than that? Read the rest of the article here 



  1. Sue,

    You've lost your fan base. You've changed your style.
    Three days since you published this post and not a single comment.

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