Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Winding Up The Blog

Yesterday was my last night on the Street. I am out of there completely. However I am not out of the sex business, at least for the next one month or so. As for the blog I will just finish answering the questions and do one final 'behind the scenes' post. Starting today I will reorganize/redesign the blog a little; make it much more 'prettier' or 'uglier' ; give some posts a permanent place and some more prominence.

 I will hang around even after the final post because there are some people are working on a few products based on the blog content. Looking at my notebook there are many more dispatches from the Street I would have written, but then time has caught up with me. Maybe later I will be giving quick snippets of such here.  I am fixing a collection of all the Episodes. I hope to find a way to make automatic downloads of such possible. All my ebooks whether free or for sale will now be hosted here.  The Hook Up section will be here for longer. I might also retreat and do a complete book. Once the technology issues are resolved I will continue with the seminars. And yes I am still determined to reply to all the emails however backdated they are.

Too bad I won't stick up to Episode 69 as I would have wished. Thanks all for reading, the comments, criticism , praise and all.

Any final wishes ?  ;)

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  1. All the best in whatever path you decide on taking. It's been nice reading your blog and you shall be missed. Again, ALL THE BEST!

  2. The best thing to arrive to me! I will no longer check 3 times a day to see if you have posted something. It was insane. I still think you need to keep the blog as a vehicule for marketing other products: ebook, Hook-Up (which could be a gold mine), seminars etc. A given word is a sacred word. You cannot promise to go until episode 69 and wind up like that. You owe us what you promised.

    1. true i second 69, keep ur word. While at it, 69 must feel lk it,..street version

  3. I'll miss your crazy stories. Even though its once in a while, post something

  4. Sue,labda unahitaji dawa,mbona utoke maskani??

    Thnx 4 bein around,u'v shed some light on very crucial issues.

    I wont mind if u'l come back,anytime u fil lyk,share with us new things.

    Wil mis ur absence

  5. SUE!!!Let's make a deal. I will pay you USD 100 if you give us one thorough post per week until episode 69.

    From crazy&addicted admirer

  6. It's been a privilege to read your work

  7. is it a coincidence that wa kigogoine is also winding up (supposedly) his blog?

  8. :D well thanks for the blog hope you never wind up in the street. Request show face, tell us abt an encounter withsomeone prominent and go for deliverance. Ati why is wanjohi quitting? hope cheupe doesn't I need a dose of crazy blogs once in a while

  9. it has been a pleasure to read your blog!

  10. i will miss reading your blog sue

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    1. If you prefer, you can fill out an anonymous survey (go to link by clicking Dr. Wanjiru). Feedback ya mafans ni important! Shukrani kwa wingi.

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  13. Still waiting for episode 67...hahahahaha