Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Questions Answered

I am still around 'concluding'. So today I answer some questions as asked by readers...

I reproduce the questions exactly as asked.

1. Considering your work , do you have any unfulfilled sex fantasies? - Max

Who doesn't? Yes I have. The Street does not necessarily give you the opportunity to fulfill all your sex fantasies, for truth be told fantasies are a little weird and their appeal is when they remain fantasies rather than realities. That said I have fulfilled some of my fantasies. I have seen men fulfill theirs, and quite a number don't jump in triumph after , they look dull.

2. Have You heard of Lisa sparxxx's record? She has done the number U took years to in 60 seconds (pun intended) My question is how do You regard Yourself with respect,dignity,r humanity when other Men use U'r body for masturbation? Finally I have noticed that You have managed to change the view of prostitution somewhat based on an analysis of comments so has Your readership changed You?

Yes I have heard about Lisa Sparks and her record of having sex with about 1000 men in a day. Bet I am doing good. Anyway five in a day is usually on the higher side of me so I cant even imagine about 30 men an hour.

I still regard myself with dignity. If I lost self respect then that would be the end of me. I see everything mostly as my choice. And with that I make the choice  not to lose sense of myself despite the many things that work towards crushing my dignity. And men using my body for masturbation is the last thing that would make me lose my dignity. I take it positively; like a sort of complement of my body. 

I certainly can't assume the effects of my readers on me. Although I interact with men everyday in their most naked form, there is something about the anonymity of the internet that shows another side of people. I dare say I have learnt a thing or two, though not surprised, by what my readers say.

3. Are you A Kikuyu? If not, what are you? - Giggs

Ha! I am tribe less! Why did you think of Kikuyu first? I have previously given a big hint of what tribe I am , but then again I have a little of several tribes.

4. Do you sometimes shift to places like mombasa,narok...name them,when there is a romour that there is alot of money circulating on those sides,for example tourists,bumper harvest...? - Gidi

No, I have never done that though its something I really wanted to do but kept procastinating . My particular interest was Narok and Malindi...well well I think retired or not I will do visit...

5. Are there Man Prostitutes in the Street? If so, Are there women who come to pick up Man? - Giggs

Yes there are now male prostitutes along Koinange. These serve both men and women. But rarely do women come to pick male prostitutes from the Street. I think its for the reason there are many safe and decent grounds to hunt for a man. The male prostitutes on the Street are increasing at a very fast rate, and I guess eventually there will be some sort of turf war.

6. Hey sue..What was the longest time a man went without Cumming? When was the Lowest time? If your not sure can you estimate.- Mario

Ha, the longest time is never because there are men who cum at all. The shortest time is seconds, because there are those who ejaculate as soon as they are in. However realistically I have done a half an hour plus with a man. When the man is sober and looks okay I always wonder if  his going beyond the average duration is a commentary of my skills or my organ. Of course of course there are many unseen reasons which can affect, e.g Stress..

7. Hey Sue, keep it up! My biggest problem is: what makes women steal from a client? My friend recently took a mama home while very drunk and she stole several items in the morning, including petty things like foodstuff plus mobile phones. The guy says he could have just given her the food stuff if she had asked for it. Weirdly, she left lots of expensive stuff behind.

Like I mentioned before the motivation for stealing is different for each girl. There exists the underlying mistrust between us and clients which would make asking for such basics not convenient. And what would a client think of me if I asked for cooking oil or maize flour? That's a possible red flag; here is a possible thief. And what would it do to my ego to go begging for such? Not to glorify stealing but when one picks from a man the ego is raised and their sense of achievement. It feels better than having to beg for food.  In our kind of work its dangerous to have ego issues; you will not only achieve less but hate yourself, the world in addition to feeling 'useless'.

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  1. Well i must commend you for your great writing.you have managed to capture my attention as well as that of other readers which is a good job.however your writing just sparks something inside which personally cannot yield any fruit considering your line of work..could you at least share on things that could enhance lets say relationships like well researched articles on topics like foreplay and the like.thank you

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