Monday, January 3, 2011

Episode 7: We All Have P

Boys in our school used to say K is constant and what matters are the variables affecting K. It didn’t make sense then but now when I think competition it does. No one loves competition, though out of politeness people say they do.  Competition is especially undesirable if you are peddling the same product and the way to differentiate it is by natural factors beyond your control. Like us, we all peddle P, every man knows that, and so they are looking for other things that come with the P; Beauty, ass, flexibility, age, intelligence and whatever else. So what to do if, for instance one got P but is not good looking and appealing? The logical thing is to accept one's true position, and then to make the best use of it to fit the male psyche. Like they say in business; look for the edge. It’s fruitless to believe such crap as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

In the normal world, where a man chases the woman, the latter has all the time to show all the P accompaniments. But not in our trade along the street; we only got five minutes or less to pitch. A man stops his car, we crowd it. He knows we all have P, and so it’s upon us in those few minutes to show him the delicacies with which we will serve it with. The skimpy dresses are not necessarily to arouse but to show in the least time possible what we posses beyond the obvious. The lewd language  to hint at our wilderness and what we are capable of. The mother tongue, to appeal to the roots. And the little jig to focus attention on the hips.

Yet we cannot prevent competition. There will be girls coming to the street every week or so.  A girl cannot come from anywhere and start practicing along "our” street. She has to be introduced by another girl; a veteran, and then buy in cash or kind the goodwill of the real guardians of the street'; the watchmen, the area thugs bouncers and so on. One such girl is Chiki. She came to the street about six weeks ago, and in that short period she has done us enough damage. Physically she is not exceptional: she is pretty, with a gorgeous figure just like many others here. However there is something about her that appeals to men. Only numbered men have turned her down. Her trademark style has been when we all other girls crowd a man's car windows she stands at the front, in some funky pose which few men are able to resist. My hubby included.

Let me explain. There are men who come only for particular girls and if the girl is not available dare not touch anyone else. Such a girl will call the man "husband". The other girls will respect the "marriage" so that when the man comes, and the girl is present they back off and let the husband take the "wife" away. Yesterday one of my husbands came. We crowded the windows of his Toyota Camry but when he asked for me and the other girls noted it was my hubby they let go. But Chiki stuck. I was on the driver’s side while she was on the passenger side, smiling at the man, who stared at her seemingly having forgotten my presence. I couldn’t control myself.

"This is my husband .Leave him alone!" I shouted at Chiki.

"Let him pick" she said calmly, smiling even more lasciviously.

I walked to her side and shoved her. Noting signs of a possible confrontation the man zoomed away perhaps never to come back again.

What do you think you were doing? I confronted Chiki after I had looked at the car disappear down the street.

"I was working, same as you” she said.

I slapped her. Then I felt remorseful. The fact of the matter is that neither of us own the men we sleep with. Neither their wives nor their girlfriends. They belong to us all with P.


  1. I am not the kind to repeat the same P especially if I am paying for it. If anything, I make a conscious effort to note the P carrier with a view to never going there again. It is a system I have maintained for majority of my P history in general and 100% of my paid-for P history in particular.
    Until towards the tail end of last year when I met this Spanish call girl. I forget her name (not that I made any effort to remember it anyway). She was 36 years old but in amazingly mint physical condition, firm perky breasts, small-and-compact-yet-curvaceous body and all. The interesting thing was that she hadn't even been my first choice in the first place. I had had to 'settle' for her after my preffered pick refused to do business.
    Anyway, miss Espagnol was the epitome of proffesionalism. The conversation was warm and enjoyable as she traced her fingers down my body to elicit an erection hard enough to slip the condom on. Then she went down on me in a way I can quite emphatically say no woman ever has (and I've been through an astronomical number of women.) I actually had to stop her because the risk was getting quite high that I might ejaculate before I had had a chance to penetrate her. I probably shouldn't even have bothered to stop her because when she finally got on top to ride me... oh dear god. I even wonder how I managed to last those three minutes. I should get a medal for that feat.
    It is rare I say this about paid for P but this was certainly money well spent. It wasn't even sex, it felt like she was an artist and I was her masterpiece.

    So Sue, maybe the key to increasing that bottom line lies in getting more hubbys. And maybe getting more hubbies may lie in factors within your control. Just a thought for you :-)

  2. I think I am enjoying Eazy's comments just as much as the blog. Good partnership - it is like two sides of the same coin.

  3. Incidentally, I wanted to share this with you Sue. You may have heard of her and maybe read her blog in the past. She went on to write a book and have a TV show made about her blog and her book. (my mini-claim to fame is that I actually knew her. Her ex-boyfriend and his housemate are friends of mine) Anyway, thought you would like to see the potential you have…….

  4. Hey,i read ur blog and its very intresting,i am a web developer and i am pleased with your effort,think of new ideas and i will do a site for you if you like :-)

  5. Haha Anon it's always two sides of the same coin. Unfortunately, I seem to find myself on the paying end of the coin.
    Lol, Just Kidding, I'll take the compliment. Thanks, and if Sue does not reel in to claim, then I'll take hers too. :-D

  6. the clients belong to just any of the gals with P. nice realisation sue. iv love your writing.

  7. I do feel like am the 'husband" here..the other night I had to drive off first because my usual "wife" chose to start a cat-fight with a new lady in the hood..Who happens to have caught my attention more..

  8. .........then buy in cash or kind the goodwill of the real guardians of the street'; the watchmen, the area thugs bouncers and so on........this is more funny!!!!!!

  9. Sue this is my first visit and assuredly will not be the last.I may not comment but surely will read lol

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  11. This is just brilliant writing. @Eazy via Anon... below your comment... I think I am enjoying Eazy's comments just as much as the blog. Good partnership - it is like two sides of the same coin.

  12. This post reminds me of a comedy reel I watched juzi by Chris Rck. Somewhere in there he said, when women get married, tehy go in their without their P. Reason being, when they throw their bouquet, they are throwing away their P, to the many single ladies at the function... nuff sed.

    No pun intended to the married ladies and men reading this. The truth stings/

  13. First of all Sue, I give you two thumbs up for your blog. You are BRILLIANT. Keep it up gal.

    Its not all about the P, its about the presentation. Over aggression and bad language is a big turn off. I am not in the habit of visiting prostitutes but like all men, a time comes when you have to. Anyway I recently met this prostitute who was simply outstanding. We met in a disco. Her dancing was great. She was well dressed, great to talk to. In bed is where she excelled beyond any other lady I have met. I am certainly paying her another visit, guaranteed. Her secret is to only go with customers she is comfortable with and secondly she knows that every man wants his woman to be a prostitute in bed. Find out how he wants it a give it to him like its the end of the world.

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